Securing your organization's digital assets and reputation is Our top priority.

Tamkeen Intelligent is a leading cybersecurity service provider bringing in the most appropriate solutions to secure overall digital ecosystems and value chains across KSA. Tamkeen Intelligent not only helps you make better decisions based on cyber risks but also ensures the best practice of the next generation solutions are implemented to mitigate any risks.

Our Services

Our vision Escalating cyber threats demand an elevated level of security.

We’re specialists in just one area, uniting subject-matter experts in the field of cybersecurity management and policy with the latest and most advanced technology to give organizations a higher level of protection. Always on the pulse of current cybersecurity trends, we’re able to bring a much deeper understanding of critical infrastructure, computer security, and security policy to your organization. Let us step in as your sole security resource or to augment existing IT capabilities, approaching your environment from an impartial perspective and resolving your most complex security issues.