Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing helps you build more collaborative and profitable partnerships with suppliers, empowers your employees with critical business intelligence and collaborative capabilities, and develop deeper, more responsive relationships with customers. And, it helps you run a more efficient operation - improving quality, reducing waste, and ensuring compliance. All with familiar tools your people already know how to use.

Retailers and E-commerce
Be at the forefront of retail innovation by easily connecting and unifying customer-centric retail experiences with intelligent, adaptive business solutions. Deliver unified, personalized, and seamless buying experiences for customers and partners Unify back-office, in-store, e-commerce, and call center experiences to personalize customer engagement, increase employee productivity, and optimize store operations.


Government agencies are at a crossroads. Governments today often rely on a patchwork of systems to address their complex needs, which span citizen services, community outreach, field service, project management, and financial oversight. Cloud technology gives big government a way to stay competitive,and stay relevant-in an expanding world of big business. Agencies no longer have to focus efforts on operational management because they have new, scalable, efficient ways to meet user demands. Technology gives them an opportunity to leapfrog the typical innovation process, reset goals, and increase expectations as they transform into an agency that brings innovative, relevant leadership to the community they serve.

Consumer Goods

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Consumer Goods Solutions helps the companies understand the needs of the consumer in a better way. We provide tools for capturing and analyzing customer behavior and empowering workers to take advantage of complex, agile processes and turn data into insights. Our highly effective and seamless operation will lead to a sustainable competitive advantage and deliver benefits right to the edge


You can develop solutions based on entities and attributes that dealerships and OEMs commonly leverage for customer experience and other business processes. These entities include deals, sales contracts, specifications, fleet, warranties, inspection, test drives, branding, business, customer-vehicle relationship, vehicle and equipment, lead, service and after-sales management, and more. The accelerator includes an automotive data model, Power BI apps, canvas and model-driven sample apps based on connected experiences.


The solution is in compliance with the current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations, FDA requirements and other guidelines. The solution expands on on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP (Finance and Supply Chain Management аpps) and helps pharma manufacturers plan and control purchasing, manage production, inventory, distribution, invoicing, accounting and others

Professional Services

Professional Services involve providing support to businesses in the form of advice or performing tertiary roles. These firms exist across industries such as finance, consulting, legal, accounting, construction, marketing, etc. and specialize in skilled, customized, and knowledge-based services. Unlike technology companies, professional services firms sell knowledge and expertise and rely mostly on people to create and deliver value to their clients.


Dynamics 365 for Insurance companies provides a centralized solution to store client data and effectively manage relationships. Monitor information across clients, brokers, policies, claims, premiums, renewals, communications and more. As a result, deliver a more personalized service, save administration time, and gain key insights to make informed business decisions.